Proper Way to Feed Treats

Recommendations on the proper way to feed pet treats.

Waggin’ Train treats are just that – treats – and should be fed according to a dog’s weight, using the treating guidelines on each package. Keep in mind that treats are not a complete and balanced food, and should not be fed as a replacement for a balanced diet that includes dog food. Dogs also should get plenty of fresh, clean water every day.

  • Millions of dog and cat owners feed pet treats and treats can be an important part of the pet-owning relationship. Pet treats are fed for many reasons – to assist with training, as a reward, and to help strengthen the pet-human bond.
  • We agree with the FDA and veterinarians that pet treats should be fed responsibly, and treats should not be fed as a replacement for complete and balanced pet food.
  • We encourage pet owners to follow the feeding guidelines on every package of Purina treats.
  • You can read more about the responsible way to feed pet treats at